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As a manufacturer of concrete products, Dexton is a brand that speaks of strength, stability and power. maxciti designed the main logo for the parent company Dexton with that particular concept in mind, using stand-out color with clean and solid image making the logo hard to miss and easy to remember. 

For the sister companies Dexablock and Dexapile, we basically inforce the same attitude to it. While for Dextonindo, the same concept is still being used but with a play on the logo that is still related to the business orientation. 


This time, teaming up with the town's coolest event organizer- I do/ Ms. Lilysan , we came up with an ingenious design and set up for "Howey"pâtisserie pop-up stall in the opening of Podomoro City, Medan.


Originally a flash-based website, Motif8 was built in 2008 and recently is turned into a html-based website for mobile viewing purpose.


Working with an existing logo from Stareast, we focus on creating a consistent stationery to its cooperate identity.


Kokai is a Jakarta - based valve supplier and manufacturer with close partnership with Beijing valve. As product photography and website development have to complement each other for the best results, we pick the black layout to help the silver valves stand out.


One of the most fundamental ways to assert your company brand is by using a standard stationery setting as your business platform ie : letter head, name card, etc.