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As a manufacturer of concrete products, Dexton is a brand that speaks of strength, stability and power. maxciti designed the main logo for the parent company Dexton with that particular concept in mind, using stand-out color with clean and solid image making the logo hard to miss and easy to remember. 

For the sister companies Dexablock and Dexapile, we basically inforce the same attitude to it. While for Dextonindo, the same concept is still being used but with a play on the logo that is still related to the business orientation. 


At maxciti, we are all about authenticity and consistency. Creating an original and everlasting branding is a mix of the client's perspective and a designer's creative representation. Which is why, maxciti keeps a rapport of good relationship and mutual understanding with each of our client as we believe that they are the foundation to successful branding.


British Council is an ever growing English center providing language and communication studies in Medan.


STC supplies materials for hotels, F&B and other business establishments. Understandably, they deal with massive scale of product types so it is imminent that layout organization is easy to view, access and understand.


Based in Jakarta, TMS is a distributor and representative for various brands in welding equipments, safety, measurement and machinery.


As one of the most sought after bridal & photography vendors in Medan, Brides on 22 always adapts to the ever changing world of bridal and photography trend. One thing remains in their concept though and that is passion with a blend of simplicity and elegance.