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As a manufacturer of concrete products, Dexton is a brand that speaks of strength, stability and power. maxciti designed the main logo for the parent company Dexton with that particular concept in mind, using stand-out color with clean and solid image making the logo hard to miss and easy to remember. 

For the sister companies Dexablock and Dexapile, we basically inforce the same attitude to it. While for Dextonindo, the same concept is still being used but with a play on the logo that is still related to the business orientation. 


A renowned old brand in town, Asia Jaya has long established its presence as a major supplier of baking and food ingredients. Maxciti approaches its logo with green color as it represents freshness and source of life, in this case: food. 


Award winning & one of the best selling Pie in Victoria, Australia – Pie in the sky-  has gained acclaim and coverage from a lot of press and media. To do this pie justice, we start off by placing a rolling banner displaying their products along with all the praises & awards.


Adhering to its business which is a wholesaler of building materials and household appliances, maxciti takes a play on its logo by adding a silhouette of a roof in dynamic color, making the logo to be significantly noticeable as well as giving a direct identity to Dex Depo.


We design 2 ( two) main items for Nata – a professional make up artist based in Medan- : Business card and a flyer containing redeemable voucher.


As an extension of the prestigious Aston Hotel in Medan, The Cityhall Club provides a luxurious private club for its members' leisure and business purpose.