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International Beauty Spa

International Beauty has always been an avid fan of e-marketing. Starting early in 2007, we design a website that mostly provides product & business information. In year 2012, the website is revamped into their current one which is an interactive website that allows an online shopping system, as well as other general & business information pages.

The website presents a clean and spacious look, equipped with extra information per product displayed in meticulous design. Shades of soft color of different categories also suggest easy navigation suited for each user's skin preference. 


Maxciti's most recent mural project took place in a modern Minang cuisine right in the heart of the town.


Clever and stylish visual design always pleases the eyes, but ultimately, the usability and utility of a website determine the success of a website.


CMC is a construction material supplier with specialty in roofing tiles. While it is still quite an uncommon practice for most companies in Medan to have a styleguide, we are very glad to have CMC as an exception.


Radjawali Group holds multiple business industries in Indonesia and is on the midst of international transition. One of their global re-brand programs is in the food & beverage front, which is called Radjawali Distribution Singapore Pte Ltd. 


As an extension of the prestigious Aston Hotel in Medan, The Cityhall Club provides a luxurious private club for its members' leisure and business purpose.