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Love makes the
world goes round
We at maxciti LOVE to design, passionately so and definitely even more so when the odds are against us.

To most people, design is pretty much a dying art. Something everyone with a PC and a 15-minute free time can whip out.

To us though, design is one of the most important things that could and SHOULD make a difference. It sets you apart from million others, your brand from your competitors'.
It is your true identity stamp, something you shouldn't tale lightly - just like all matters of the hearts.

So, get carried away with maxciti. We may not be the most special designers in town to sweep you off your feet, but we might just be your most favorite yet.

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What we do

-    Branding / brand identity
-    Graphic design
-    Editorial design
-    Illustration
-    Print production
-    Screen / interface / web design

-    Web application
-    E commerce / online shop
-    Front end development
-    Back end development

Imagine this is as the first step to write your own story
20 Rahmadsyah Street
Medan 20215, Indonesia
T. +62 61 734 1120
E. design@maxciti.com
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